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An Alternative to a Franchise Business

Providing a Solution to Business Professionals Looking for a Home Based Business

Welcome to Franchise Solution’s answer page. This page was created to help the business professional, decide if a professional home based business franchise if the right choice for you.

As listed on the previous page, A Franchise Solution, many business professionals are searching for an alternative solution to:

  1. Build a profitable online or home based business.
  2. To improve the overall standing of their current business.
  3. Portray a professional business image.
  4. Improve productivity, which leads to a better ROI.
  5. Get questions adequately answered about online and home based businesses.

Answers (solutions) to these topics are needed in today's fast paced business economy. You may have looked at lower investment franchise opportunities already. If so, you know there are many franchise businesses listed on the Internet, and a lot of these so called franchise businesses are scams. So, before an entrepreneur can make a quantifiable decision, there needs to be evidence to backup some of the ambiguous assertions about that business opportunity.

Let's take a look at the business of franchising, and its meaning.

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, franchising is a method of doing business wherein a "franchisor" authorizes proven methods of doing business to a "franchisee" for a chronic fee and a percentage of sales or profits. According to the "franchisee", the percentage of sales or profits continues to be paid to the "franchisor" for the term of the relationship between franchisee and franchisor, not a particularly fair practice, considering the amount of money the franchisee paid for the franchise in the first place. IS IT?

For the sake of comparison, we're only discussing the lower investment opportunities, ones that the average entrepreneurial minded person can run from their own home. Afterall, why would someone want to pay a large fee to a company like McDonald's, Burger King, AAMCO, or Midas, when they could pay a lesser fee and get just as good, if not better, results from working right out of their home, and not have all the hassles of employees, overhead, and inventory.

There is an alternative to a franchise, and we have found the solution to the franchise industry's problem of so called home based business franchises. And we are only sharing this solutionwith entrepreneurs and business professionals.

But before we tell you about our franchise solution, here's some more important information about home based, low investment franchise business opportunities.

While an online or home based business is often thought of as less than noteworthy to offline businesses, the two blend together quite nicely.  As a matter of fact, many online or home based professional businesses are flourishing in today's economy, which if you haven't noticed, is changing rapidly.  Entrepreneurs and business professionals alike are searching for better ways to live their lives without being trapped in a typical nine-to-five job.  That's why the focus has changed to the home based franchise business.

Google, the number one search engine on the Internet, is inundated with many schemes, scams and less than profitable businesses.  As previously mentioned, how does one differentiate between them?  How does one go about finding a business that is worthy of spending your valuable time promoting?  In the remainder of our franchise solution answers page, the attempt will be made to give you the answers to the most effective online and home based businesses found on Google, to date.

The Alternative

Tom Prendergast, CEO and Founder of Veretekk, is highly rated in terms of teaching people the most important business practices that leads to online success.  Since the introduction of his Internet lead generating and SEO system, Veretekk, his business has gone off the scale in terms of substantial wealth creation for the exclusive and highly regarded members. 

Mr. Prendergast is an expert in marketing and SEO training and is approaching legendary proportions on the Internet.  The reason that Veretekk and the Home Business Marketing Group, have been so incredibly effective is because it's one, if not the only, business that is teaching it's members how to run an efficient professional business online.  The professional alternative to a franchise business that Tom Prendergast, along with his prestigious training crew, provides are simple testaments to the effectiveness and validity of the system.

The Home Business Marketing Group business is NOT for everyone.  According to Tom Prendergast and other members of the Home Business Marketing Group, this program only appeals to the professional business man or woman who is earnestly seeking full time employment from an online or home based business.  If you are a dedicated and motivated business professional looking to build a substantial income from an online home based professional business, one that will not charge you a high chronic fee to get started, then this is for you. 

The Home Business Marketing Group, will help you build a profitable online home based business, portray a professional business image, improve productivity, which leads to a better ROI, and get questions adequately answered about online home based businesses.

Continue to do your due-diligence about online home based franchise businesses. You will clearly see that the Home Business Marketing Group is the one of the best programs you will find on Google.  Although it has the flavor of a franchise, it IS NOT a franchise business. This is a real business opportunity, with the same management skills involved in operating a franchise, or successful Fortune 500 Company.

Mr. Prendergast spends his time teaching, mentoring, inspiring and motivating his members on the strategic points of how to make money with an online home based business.  His direct and no-nonsense approach works, and he is in the process of making new successful entrepreneurs every single day.

We already know you're either an entrepreneur or a business professional because you clicked on a link that brought you to this site. But are you ready to own a professional business that WILL NOT cost you an outrageous franchise fee and a percentage of your profits?  

We provided you with some important information and hopefully answered some of your questions. We also provided you with a solution to the many home based franchise business scams.  The next step is yours!

To learn more about the Home Business Marketing Group, go to The Home Business Marketing Group.

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