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An Alternative to a Franchise Business

Taking Business to a New level With a System That Works

What is The Home Business Marketing Group?

The Home Business Marketing Group...

  • ...is an alternative to a franchise for business professionals who are looking for a business/system that won't take their life savings.

  • ...teaches its members to simply buy customers NOT leads to build their business.
  • These are real live customers who want to buy our products. They are NOT distributors who have to buy so they stay qualified in hopes of finding the next recruiting machine to build their down line. Have you purchased leads before? How many hours have you spent on the phone calling leads only to feel rejected and ripped off. You were promised the best of the best double opt-in leads and you should be able to sponsor 3-5 business partners out of 100 calls. How are you doing so far?

  • ...solves the problem of down line fall out.

  • ...members all work as one massive marketing system, there is no concern about down line or cross line because the Home Business Marketing Group's members understand the brilliant yet simple strategy that Tom Prendergast, creator of the Its Good Business team, has mapped out for its members.

  • ...has eliminated the need to contact your friends and relatives, advertising and buying leads to build a business. Tom Prendergast along with other Home Business Marketing Group leaders are teaching all members how to gain top positions on Google through massive SEO strategies and techniques.

  • ...is putting all contacts that signup to receive more information into one large group. Then the Home Business Marketing Group's sales force, headed up by Jeffrey Sloe, places those who qualify into Tom Prendergast's down line. This is how the members of the team will all benefit from the total effort of the Home Business Marketing Group's marketing strategies.

  • ...teaches delegation, not duplication. This is a total team effort. Each person that joins the Home Business Marketing Group is assigned a task based on his or her God-given talents and passions.

  • ...is called the "Rejection Free Marketing" business because we only buy customers who want our products. The Home Business Marketing Group members never have to advertise or even call their customers.

Come to a presentation on Saturday at 1:00 PM Pacific standard time and learn how you can benefit from our SEO knowledge.


You will NOT be sold anything here, you will only receive information.

Building residual income with the Home Business Marketing Group and real live customers, simply stated, works.

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